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History of Boxing - Events & Categories

History of Boxing
History of Boxing

oxing is a sport that has never failed to fascinate the sport world. The reputation of Olympic-style's boxing finds worldwide acclaim with its own characteristics and pro boxing independent rules. Boxing is a recognized sport in Olympics and Common Wealth games. The sport first gained Olympic inclusion in 1904 at St. Louis Olympics

Boxing Categories

Following are eight major professional categories for boxing

  • Flyweight: Weight up to 112 lb /50.8 kg
  • Bantamweight: Weight up to118 lb/53.5 kg
  • Featherweight: Weight up to 126 lb/57.2 kg
  • Lightweight: Up to 135 lb/61.2 kg
  • Welterweight: Weighing up to 147 lb/66.7 kg
  • Middleweight: Weighing up to 160 lb/72.6 kg
  • Light heavyweight: Up to 175 lb/79.4 kg
  • Heavyweight: Most Popular. Unlimited weight starting at 175 lbs

Olympic Boxing

Boxing is known to have been played at the Olympic Games in 1904. The last decade and the past few years have been favourable for boxing. It has seen recognition for junior and middleweight championships. The United States has been a persistent leader in the boxing arena and it is widely acclaimed to have promoted the sport by enhancing the sports image in front of the world.

The United States has been a persistent leader in the boxing arena and it is widely acclaimed to have promoted the sport by enhancing the sports image in front of the world.

Ever since 1972, the countries winning maximum gold medals are Cuba and the U.S. The first half of the 20th century witnessed a steady growth in Olympic boxing. The International Boxing Federation was the first international organization that was created in London in 1920. Back then, there were only five member nations.

Interestingly, late 19th and early 20th century saw Olympic boxing being encouraged at the school and university level. Women boxing made a late entry in 1904 at the Olympic games with a demonstration fight. Boxing for women was not encouraged by most nations. A few of them even banning boxing as a sport for women. It was with British Amateur Boxing Association that women boxing took serious shape when the Association endorsed the first boxing championship for women. New rules for women’s boxing were accepted by the end of 20th century and the first World championship for women was held very recently in 2001. The sport has lead to some hope for women boxers with recognition coming late for women boxing that has been included as an official sport in 2012 Olympic games.

In the Olympics and Commonwealth, boxing bouts consist of four rounds, each of two minutes, while national ABA(Amateur Boxing association) consist of three rounds of two minutes are, each round followed by a one minute interval.

Boxing has found new meaning in the world of Olympics and Commonwealth games. It has come a long way from the days of pugilism and prize fighting, very rightly named the ‘sport of kings’. Boxing has won acclaims of many a kings and dynasties and found its way to hearts of millions of sport lovers across the world.


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